Red Cross

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Red cross is a substantial portion of the membership of Indian Red CrossSociety. Young red cross volunteers can make a significant contribution tomeeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communitiesthrough Red Cross youth programme. To fulfill this objective, the Red Crossunit of the college is engaged in training to make the students aware of theirsocial responsibilities.

Fundamental Principles of the Global Red Cross Network         


Its motivation is to secure life and wellbeing and to guarantee regardfor the individual. It advances common agreement, companionship, participationand enduring harmony among all people groups.


It makes no segregation as to ethnicity, race, strict convictions, classor political suppositions. It attempts to assuage the enduring of people, beingdirected exclusively by their requirements, and to offer need to the mostpressing instances of trouble.


To keep on partaking in the certainty of all, the Red Cross may notfavor one side in threats or draw in whenever in debates of a political,racial, strict or philosophical nature.


 The Red Cross is free. The public social orders, while assistantsin the helpful administrations of their legislatures and subject to the laws oftheir particular nations, should consistently keep up with theirself-sufficiency so they might be capable consistently to act as per Red Crossstandards.

Voluntary Service

 The Red Cross is an intentional alleviation development notincited in any way by longing for acquire.


 There can be just a single Red Cross society in any one country.It should be available to all. It should carry on its helpful work all throughits domain.



 The Red Cross is an overall establishment wherein all socialorders have equivalent status and offer equivalent obligations and obligationsin aiding one another.